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Established in 2006, Shanghai HY-Trans positioned itself as a dedicated provider of interpretation and translation services and simultaneous interpretation equipments renting service. Up to now, HY-Trans has already set up offices in several major Chinese cities, e.g. Beijing, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

The experience of offering language services for the Beijing Olympic Games and Shanghai Expo and the experience review carefully conducted afterwards enabled HY-Trans to realize a great development in its service scope and improve its service processes to a higher level. After 6 years’ painstaking learning, innovation and practices, HY-Trans has already earned itself a good reputation in the market and established itself as a rising star in the industry. Today, it has been selected by many customers as their assigned language service provider.

As for our human resources, after 6 years’ test, cooperation, replacement and training, HY-Trans now has a team of over 500 interpreters and translators as its long-term cooperative partners. In order to provide more customer-specific language services, HY-Trans set up a 7-class HR structure, i.e. Supreme Simultaneous Interpreter, First-class Simultaneous Interpreter, Second-class Simultaneous Interpreter, Third-class Simultaneous Interpreter, Consecutive Interpreter, High-class Escort Interpreter and Interpreter. Some of them are AIIC members, some have already been accredited by the UN, and some are from higher level interpretation/translation school at home and abroad. They can provide interpretation services through English, French, Japanese, Korean, Germany, Russian and Spanish, etc.

Our interpretation service can generally be divided into 5 categories: Conference Simultaneous Interpreting, Conference Consecutive Interpreting, Business Interpreting, Escort Interpreting, as well as Audio and Visual Material Translation, covering such areas as: Financing, legal Service, New Energy, Marine Trade, Marine Engineering, Shipping, Machinery Manufacture, Automobile, Non-ferrous Mining, Iron and Steel, Pharmaceutical and Healthcare, Architecture, Art Design, IT and Telecommunication, etc. In short, we take it our mission to meet the interpreting needs of professionals and personnel working in various companies, governmental agencies, as well as those in PR services, consultation services and exhibition services…

Our translation service is divided into 4 categories: General documents, technical documents, financial and legal documents, as well as various documents for promotional and public communication purposes, from such sources as: Government Agencies and various organizations operating in Financing, Legal Service, Stock Exchange, Architecture, IT, Telecommunication, Computer Software and Application Service, Life Sciences, Automobile, Machinery, Energy, Petrochemical, Power Supply, and other industries. Our prospect service users include the Legal Affaire Departments, Global Operation Departments, Import/Export Departments, Follow-up Service Departments, R&D Centers, Marketing Departments and others in abovementioned organizations.

HY-Trans has already upgraded its simultaneous interpretation equipments to the latest generation equipments, including: Simultaneous Interpretation Transmitter, Central Control Unit, Interpreter Microphone, Radiant Panel, Interpreter Booth, Receiver/Headset, Projector and Projection Screen, Sound System and Lighting System. In order to ensure audio quality under all circumstances, we have prepared simultaneous interpretation systems in two brands, i.e. BOSCH Simultaneous Interpretation System and DASH Wireless Simultaneous Interpretation System and Portable Wireless Navigation System. In addition, in order to help you to make a timely response to whatever unexpected that might happen on site and ensure high quality audio signals available at ever corner of a conference room, our equipment team will provide you first-rate solutions for your reference.

“We take you needs as our job and will get the job done to the maximum extent of our specialty and responsibility.” As a player in service industry, HY-Trans follows the principle of “Before one perform a duty, he must first establish himself as the right person competent to the duty.” Therefore, we committed ourselves to one thing and one thing only: translation, oral or written, to offer those who operate in different trade and industries a bridge connecting them with every corner of the world, and make our due contribution to the development of Chinese interpretation and translation industry!

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